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Hand warmer cup sleeves


One day I had enough! I was sick of my hand being cold when I had my to go cup o coffee, and so the hand warmer cup sleeve was created! They are cute little soft cup sleeves that have an open slot to put your fingers in and keep them warm! You can put them on either way so that lefties and right handed people can use them. You can put your fingers in the hand slot or even underneath the fabric and on the cup if you want to. 🙂 Also, some of them you can microwave the sleeve for about 15 seconds (give or take) for some added warmth for your cup and fingers!! Come check them out!

Also everything in my shop that is animal related (even just animal printed fabrics) I have been saving a percentage of these sales and saving up to hopefully have a nice donation by the end of the year to give to https://m.facebook.com/PawsForTheCauseFeralCatRescue?__user=586859468
They are amazing and have helped and saved so many animals!

And lastly … for a more detailed view of my items and products … come check them out on my YouTube channel … TheStoryWithE … and see many other awesomely creative people too!!