Bargain bundle 2 books


I did it! I wrote, illustrated and self published 2 books now!
By purchasing them as a bundle in my Bieta Etsy shop, you will save a good bit in shipping charges. Woot!!
They are both available on Amazon but the copies I have here in my Etsy shop will be signed. My author name is Dylan Jaymes. Hey maybe one day it’ll be worth something. 🙂

About my 1st book *There’s An Ostrich In My Backseat*
This is a 26 page collection of short; silly story poems. There are colorful little illustrations to go along with each story. The people that have purchased my book have said it is cute, funny, witty, and all ages really can enjoy it!
And I did a little skit from one of the stories, with Ollie the Ostrich hehehe

TheStoryWithE Episode 9

The amazon link is …
There’s An Ostrich In My Backseat amazon link

About my second book *Bad Sport, Becky And Good Sport, Gina*
“Becky is a bad sport! But with the help of her friend, Gina, she will see that coming in first place all the time and winning prizes for everything is not what games are all about.”

Here’s the amazon link …
Bad Sport, Becky And Good Sport, Gina





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