Food diet label removed


I don’t really ever do *long no pictures or anything else besides words*, posts, but I felt like it today so sit back and hope you enjoy.

So back on March 15, 2013 I decided to try eating like a vegan. No meat, yes that includes chicken and seafoods. No dairy! No eggs! No any animal products in my foods, none whatsoever!

The reason I wanted to try this out came from 2 documentaries I watched … Forks over Knives … and the one that really got me started was Vegucated.

Surprisingly, at home it was really easy to do because it was kind of like a science experiment every time I was cooking. “Hmmm what can I make this tofu taste like today?! What could I use instead of eggs in this recipe …” Things like this, is how it was.

Grocery shopping had its pros and cons. It was a pro because it was fun learning about all this different stuff that YES, has protein! That is the biggest question asked when you say you don’t eat animal products. EVERYONE says “oh my gosh oh my gosh you don’t have protein if you don’t eat animals!” Uh, no! Do a little research … There is so much protein in so many different foods that are not animal product based. Also you don’t just eat “twigs, berries, and tofu”.
Anyway – The cons of the shopping were … the organic and non animal based foods were a little bit higher-priced than the crap foods but that was not the issue for me. I would rather eat better and be healthier and help not hurt animals, than eat like crap, feel like poop on a stick and have animals being miserable, all for my 5 minutes of happy gluttony.
The main annoyance was having to read every single ingredient on every single item! Even on the section of the store that has the foods that are supposed to be the health foods and organic and veggie stuff etc … So many still contain milk, whey, eggs, gelatin (like candies and Jello … Gelatin = animal bones) and other things too … it is super frustrating! And then once you get past all of that you have the GMO’s to worry about! Which unless it says non-GMO it most likely is genetically modified but that will be a whole separate post if I feel like that one day. So even if I wasn’t trying to eat veganly, and I was just trying to be healthy, it is almost impossible! And that disgusts me! Step up your game, USA!
Oh but if you’d like to learn more about GMOs … My friend wrote a fantastic blog post about it.

But I don’t want to make this too too long so I just want to say that I do enjoy trying to remain vegan! But I am not going to punish myself if dairy or something like that slips in to my foods. I’ve removed my “I am a vegan eater” label. I do not have any specific label on my diet because I felt it started taking over my life and I did not like that! So now I eat what I want but I still have not ate any meat. I don’t crave meat, it’s not my issue. It’s the dairy and egg ingredients. I don’t need or want or really crave them too much but again … if they slip in my foods or drinks … I will not punish myself!

So, in closing … I just try not to consume any animals but if I do I will not cry for days!

The end. 🙂


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