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About TheStoryWithE


About TheStoryWithE
Once a week (Friday) I post a little video about a creatively talented person doing their passion and love and trying to or are making their dreams come true. I want to share all these creative people with the world. Please subscribe, share my channel with the universe and enjoy!! πŸ˜€


I got everything you need for a wedding


You getting married?? I got your wedding needs set for you …
How about a long tutu dress for your flower girl by Bethann King

And have Erin Bohanon with RCB Fashion make your wedding dress and entire wedding party clothing

Then have Susan Osborne Gramling with Susan Gramling Artistry do all the hair and make-up!

And pick up some original bridesmaid gifts by me and Bieta etsy shop and a book for the little ones.






Hilariously accurate.



My friend Shay made a hilariously accurate video … it’s about her second book she published (Why Am I Still Single?! A tough love guide) but she does kind of like a spoof on all the personalities in it and it’s so funny she did it all herself, edited it, and everything. It is hilarious! so proud of her, watch it, share it, leave her comments, subscribe to her channel.


The Story Episode 5


The Story Episode 5 is up on my YouTube channel thestorywithe

Check it out!!! The link is below … subscribe, share it with the world!!

Hope you have a great night XOXO

Moved back


Just wanted to tell you all that at one point I moved over to blogspot. Then I decided I liked this WordPress better so if you’d like to follow me … This is where I will be posting. πŸ™‚
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