Hello world!

CraftyFunnyYummy blog has moved to …   http://craftyfunnyyummy.blogspot.com/

What is this blog all about?

  • 6 days a week I will be blogging about different topics.
  • Silly Sundays – I will be sharing all the funny and cute pictures I come across and that my cats create!
  • Make It Mondays – I will be sharing DIY, arts, crafts, projects, etc … that I have done, want to do and am going to do!
  • Tasty Tuesdays – I will sharing recipes that I have tried and want to try out!
  • Whatever Wednesdays – I will share whatever is on my mind that day. It will be … well … Whatever! From a silly story to music to art to crafts to … you name it I will probably chit-chat about it eventually!
  • Tips & Tricks Thursdays – I will share tips and tricks for cleaning, cooking, creating, projects, inspirations, health, exercise, pets … if there is a good tip or trick to share, I will share it!
  • Furry Fridays – I will share stuff about animals. Funny things, Good to know things, Pets up for adoption. Anything animal related!
  • Saturdays – I will not post anything because I do a lot of my projects and such on Saturdays.



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  1. Love this blog! Can’t wait to learn about all your crafty projects and see lots of pictures of the boygos. 🙂

  2. how can we share this on FB for you? I was going to try and post a link to get your blog to more people and I am computer dumb today lol 🙂 If you would like, let me know and I will post the link on my page too to help 🙂 Keep having fun!

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